When it comes to your Breast Health...

it's not just a Mammogram.


Welcome to Project WHIP!

Although the Women's Health Imaging Project (W.H.I.P.) team is a major advocate & supporter for Breast Cancer Awareness, we felt our calling was to bring more light to another very important concept...


"Breast Health Awareness"


When it comes to breast care, our project W.H.I.P's program provides a workflow that offers the required tools, training and processes necessary to provide a "proactive imaging experience". The WHIP Project mission is to create breast health awareness through better education and communication to patients and referring physician communities. Spreading the message throughout the Northeast and sharing the facts about the significance of our approach to breast care has proven valuable to all and we look forward to continuing to expand. 

After speaking with thousands of women about their breast health, we saw that there was a real lack of understanding and confusion about imaging and the value of the mammogram and other breast imaging. We found women in their communities were not being provided enough breast education or solution(s) that managed their risk for their entire life. Therefore, we created a three pronged program; by providing Breast Cancer Risk Assessments, Dense Breast Evaluations, and Customized Patient Navigation we have created a proactive and comprehensive approach to breast care. 

With these three methods, we can personalize patient care and offer the appropriate clinical recommendations. These recommendations may include additional imaging exams and/or follow-ups that can ensure we are providing, and patients are receiving, the best care possible.  

Check out below for further details on each approach. 


Project WHIP three Prong Approach



Breast Cancer Risk Assessment

Working with your physician provider, we will evaluate your lifetime and 5-year risk of developing breast cancer. 

Our tool(s) evaluates your sporadic (and some hereditary) breast cancer risk. Depending upon your risk, we can provide a more personalized imaging approach to your breast health.



Patient Breast Imaging Navigation

We provide a Navigation Program whereby if further intervention is required, we work hand in hand with your provider to seamlessly orchestrate your comprehensive care.

We can provide easier ways for your provider and/or you to schedule with any additional clinical care and can customize your process for your needs. 



Breast Density Evaluation

As the density of the breast increases, the reliability of the mammogram decreases. Breast tissue density impacts the ability of the radiologist to identify small cancers.

We offer State of the Art Breast Imaging equipment, including an objective computerized breast density evaluation. Depending upon your evaluation, we can provide a more personalized imaging approach and/or recommendations for your individual needs.