Below are three simple steps you can use starting today when assessing your risk:


Step 1

Be aware of the different risk factors

There are several factors that women should be aware of when assessing their breast health risk.

Some of which include:



Step 2

Utilize risk assessment tools

There are Risk Prediction Models which are statistical tools for estimating the probability of a currently healthy individual with certain risk factors (e.g, age, menopausal status) will develop a future condition (e.g. breast cancer) within a specific time period (5 year, lifetime). 

The models and risk assessments are currently available to clinicians and patients and based on the model used will evaluate your potential risk (sporadic, hereditary, 5-year and lifetime). Each assessment is personalized and based on the results can help guide you as to what additional breast care may be appropriate for you. 


Step 3

Ask your doctor(s) what additional imaging may be right for you

In additional to your annual mammogram, based on certain risk factors, there may be additional breast imaging recommended for you. Make sure to ask questions! Look to educate yourself on your breast health and understand what the risk factors and assessments mean for you. Ask your doctor what annual preventative screening exams may be best for you.

Your Primary Doctor, Your Radiologist and specialized breast imaging technologist are there to help and can answer questions on how you can personalize your breast care. 


MIS Outpatient Imaging Centers are proud to offer the quality care and tools necessary to help patients understand their breast health risk. Our staff and radiologist will educate and navigate the patient through the process and can recommend the appropriate clinical care.

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